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• Mar 26, 2009

For a free sample of Diet Kola Capsules, send an eMail to sample@dietkola.com with your address for mailing!
Judit from Cheyenne, WY

• Mar 7, 2009

If they ban aspartame in Hawaii, I will need this to kick the cola habit! See the news here:

Kai from Hilo, Hawaii

• Mar 7, 2009

Glad to see you on twitter ! (Diet_Kola)

Scott from Tweetsville

• Jan 31, 2009

Skip the Sugar

A typical 12 oz. soda contains 160 calories of sugar — replace that with soda water and Diet Kola Capsules as they have no sugar. With around 3,500 calories per pound, replacing one soda daily with one water can cut 16 pounds from your diet in a year!

Skip from Thunder Bay, MN

• Jan 20, 2009

Is it available in Sweden?
MALMO, Sweden, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- A southern Sweden woman who claims to be addicted to Coca Cola (NYSE:KO) will be allowed to enter an addiction treatment clinic, a court ruled.

The Administrative Court of Appeal overturned an earlier decision by the Administrative Court, which had sided with health authorities who said the Malmo woman's addiction could be sufficiently treated through standard healthcare, The Local reported Monday.

However, the appeals court said the woman, who has been deaf since childhood, faces risks to her health as a result of her lifestyle that require special attention.

The court ordered a special addiction treatment clinic for the deaf to admit the woman, who said her eating and drinking habits have led to emergency hospitalization for diabetes and high blood pressure, and treat her for her addictions to Coke and food.

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Rolf from Norway

• Jan 12, 2009

With these and soda water - I now have a method of feeding the Soda Monster!
Jodi from Portland, ME

• Dec 25, 2008

When I travel and can't to my Diet Pepsi, I take these to ease the craving!
Amy from Auburn, NY

• Dec 25, 2008

I just got some Diet Kola Capsules from my boyfriend in my Christmas stocking and haven't had a Diet Coke yet! I usually would have 4 of them by now! I'm sure it will help me be healthier!
Judit from 92677

• Dec 20, 2008

Diet Kola Capsules rock! I take one before I go out on the town and I have the energy I need to have a great time.
Tim from South Carolina

• Dec 19, 2008

I drive a big rig across ice for a liv'in. I am paid for every run I make- I need to stay a wake. These pill have been a Godsend.
I haven't slept in 3 days and at this rate I figure I can retire 10 years earlier.

Thank you DietKola-Pill-man

Hank from Alaska

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